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Privacy Policy for Flying Colours Events

Flying Colours Events (ABN 47 090 909 970) has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that it handles private information about persons responsibly. It is important to us that clients, delegates, staff and any other persons we engage with are confident we respect their personal information and do not compromise with their privacy when handling this information.

Flying Colours Events is bound by the applicable legislation. Where appropriate, Flying Colours Events will handle personal information relying on the employee records exemption in the Privacy Act and any other applicable exemptions in the legislation. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time.

 Personal information

Flying Colours Events collects personal information from a range of sources. These include candidates for positions we recruit for, delegates for events where we perform registration services, and other sources. This information would normally consist of a person’s name, address and other contact details, and specific details as required.

Flying Colours Events also collects information about persons who supply goods and services to Flying Colours Events. This information may consist of names, contact details, business names and contact details and other information relevant to the goods and / or services supply arrangement.

Why we collect this information

Information about employees and workers is collected so that Flying Colours Events can fulfil its obligations as an employer or contractor.

In relation to suppliers of goods and services, Flying Colours Events collects information to assist with the proper administration of Flying Colours Events’s business.

Source of information

Flying Colours Events usually collects personal information directly from the relevant individual, or from a person acting on that person’s behalf. This information may be disclosed when a person makes a request for information about any activities of Flying Colours Events, when registering for an event. This information may be collected from written correspondence as well as from communications by electronic and oral means.

In some cases, such as in relation to the employees of a contractor engaged by Flying Colours Events, the information of the employee may be collected from the employer (the contractor).

Management of personal information

Flying Colours Events takes reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information held by it is kept secure and protected from unauthorised access and interference. Flying Colours Events also takes reasonable steps to destroy or otherwise de-identify any personal information which it no longer requires for any lawful purpose.

Disclosure of information

In certain limited circumstances, Flying Colours Events may disclose personal information to other organisations. Flying Colours Events would usually take reasonable steps to ensure that the parties to whom the personal information is disclosed adhere to the same standard of privacy protection under the privacy legislation as Flying Colours Events.

The organisations to which Flying Colours Events may disclose information include organisations for whom Flying Colours Events has been contracted to collect the information, (for example an organisation using Flying Colours Events event registration services,) service providers, government and regulatory authorities or other organisations as required or authorised by law.

Access to personal information

Flying Colours Events takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects and holds is complete, accurate and up to date. Any person in relation to whom Flying Colours Events has collected personal information may access that information by contacting Flying Colours Events. If the information held by Flying Colours Events is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date, a person may request Flying Colours Events to correct that information.

There are some circumstances in which Flying Colours Events is entitled to deny a person access to their personal information. These include circumstances in which the law requires or authorises such access to be denied, or where the privacy of other persons would be unreasonably affected. Flying Colours Events will advise if any of these circumstances apply.

Resolution of privacy concerns

If a person in relation to whom Flying Colours Events has collected personal information is concerned about a possible interference with their privacy, or if a person requires any further information about Flying Colours Events‘s privacy practices, the person should contact Flying Colours Events. If concerns are not resolved to the satisfaction of the person, the matter can be referred to the Federal Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992 (privacy hotline).

Flying Colours Events may be contacted at:

Ph 03 9534 9511
Fax 03 8660 2773
PO Box 6833
Melbourne Vic 3004


Further information
Further information about privacy is available from the Privacy Commissioner’s website on

Dated: 15.11.10
Issued by: Flying Colours Events