Other Corporate Services

Flying Colours Events’ event management and business disciplines enhance your customers experience, nurture your event’s unique character and increase your management control.

Clarifying Event Objectives
Well-conceived, clearly-defined, measurable objectives lead to better event outcomes – yet many events are operated without them.

Flying Colours Events can help facilitate you, your organising committees and stakeholder groups to develop agreed event objectives that will be used to guide the development of the event, and to measure the events performance.

Objectives can be expressed in a variety of forms including financial, educational, branding, communication and experience based outcomes measurable in a manner appropriate to your event and community.

Event Performance Measurement Graph 2

Clearly defined, measurable event objectives allow us to track and report on event performance in the lead-up, operation and post event timeframes.

Tracking allows for early intervention adjustments rather than late time-frame nasty surprises.

Measurement and reporting helps to analyse which parts of the budget, and which parts of the programme most effectively contribute to the event outcomes-and therefore which parts of the programme should be expanded, improved or addressed.

Performance measures can also link directly to costed improvement recommendations to determine and track a realistic return on investment for specific improvement initiatives.

Project Management & Facilitation

Flying Colours Events take on a project management role to coordinate the various stakeholders and internal and external service providers involved in achieving your event objectives.

It can take a focussed external party with the necessary skills, attitudes and approaches to bring together a group of people. Draw out their best contributions and achieve the best possible outcome.

Flying Colours Events can provide you with the right person to bring your event together to achieve the goals you desire.

Budget Planning & Management

Flying Colours Events has the skills and experience to help you create a simple, realistic budget to achieve your event objectives. We help introduce good budget management and administration practice to ensure the event stays financially on track.

We help to implement appropriate expenditure authorisation and tracking processes to ensure the budget stays on track and that changes and variations are thought through, managed and authorised.

Registration Solutions

Flying Colours Events can put the systems in place to accept and process the registrations for your event – online, by mail, by fax, and where necessary on the day.

Registration and payment solutions include facilities for credit card payments, early-bird payments, separate charging for all the optional extras (dinners, tours, accommodation, etc.) and up to the minutes tracking of registrations throughout the registration period.

Events Materials Production
Flying Colours Events can help you to put together all the materials that are required to engage and communicate with your participants. Handbooks, posters, banners, flyers, internet presence and conference proceedings can all be coordinated through the various stages of contribution, editing, authorisation, design and production.

Includes online presentation, liaison with sponsors for inclusion of advertising and promotional material, integration with up to the minute database generated information such as registrant lists, and all the other facets of events materials production.

Coordination of venues, meals and accommodation
Flying Colours Events can help you to identify the best venues befitting the character, purpose and professional feel of your conference or launch event using our extensive network and local knowledge.

Working in partnership with our clients we can help to achieve major savings in this significant area of conference expenditure.

Website content, structure and functionality
Internet presence is an increasingly important arena for displaying the professionalism of your conference or event.

Flying Colours Events can help facilitate the requirements, content and implementation of highly professional and highly functional websites to support your event.

This can include participant information, registration, shared secure areas for committee developments, automated submission of papers and integration with sponsorship and exhibitor packages.

Risk management
A structured approach to event management includes risk management at a variety of levels including planning, management and financial risks, event day operational risks, and ongoing operational risks for annual or regular events.

Risk management approaches include structure and reporting, key person exposure, contract management and other facets appropriate to your particular exposures.

Post event review
Flying Colours Events can help to make sure that the maximum value is gained from the knowledge and experience of the staff involved in your event.

Useful feedback can be gained from everyone involved in the event from the registration staff through to the organising committee, delegates, sponsors and stakeholders.

Facilitation of feedback from these groups can be key to ensuring that future events continue to improve on the current benchmark.