Event supervisors mentoring

Have your supervisors got the support they need to deliver their part of the event effectively? In our “bring your own device” times, many Event planners are missing the unofficial apprenticeships that used to occur when the work of producing events was done by teams operating out of a single workspace.  How do you know if your contractors are tackling the right tasks, in the right order? Are they using the tools at their disposal to their best advantage? Do they know the “gotcha’s” or the things that might trip them up?


Our principle consultant Sharon Davis can mentor your staff in the planning phase of your event, to ensure they’ve got the guidance and support they need. Years of experience in both management of events, and in teaching events management, Sharon provides a safe space where staff feel supported and comfortable to learn what they might not realise, they are missing, (and might not want to ‘fess up).


Mentoring is tailored plan to the specific needs of your event, and may cover anything everything from planning workflow to minimise last minute bumps, to using Excel for Events.


Mentoring can be done in person, via phone or Skype.