Event Registrations

Want to simplify your event registrations, but don’t have the time to research all the Do-It-Yourself options or learn how to use them?

We can look after the whole registration process for you. We can;conferencenametag300

  • Create a webpage for online registrations, including payment
  • Email Tax Invoices to participants, including GST
  • Provide regular updates of revenue, numbers and types of registrations
  • Track registration numbers over time, to help you predict total registrations for future events
  • Manage Early Bird and Standard registrations, cancellations and refunds
  • Send individualised SMS and email messages to participants, eg confirming attendance at specific workshops
  • Create name tags including event and/or sponsor logos etc, email them to you, or print and assemble them for you
  • Manual (paper or fax) registrations, address sticky labels and paper mail outs are also available.
  • Staff the registration desk if you need us to
“Do It Yourself”  online registration services Flying Colours Events
Talk to our friendly staff and we will design a registration process for you, meeting your needs No Yes
Learn software or website and design online registration process yourself Yes Not required
Your logo on your registration webpage Yes Yes
Include PDFs such as delegate info, brochures or exhibitor layout maps Maybe Yes
Choose which data you want to collect Yes Yes
Expert advice to help you decide which data to collect, to optimise smooth running of your event, eg “T-shirt size” or “special dietary requirements” No Yes
Accept registrations via web Yes Yes
Accept registrations via fax and mail Maybe Yes
Create custom name badges for you to print and assemble Maybe Yes
Supply printed, assembled custom name badges No Yes
Name tags to include calculated data, eg “include Dr and Prof but not Mr or Mrs” or “Volunteers names in Red, Sponsors names in Blue” No Yes
Supply mailing labels for you to print Maybe Yes
Supply printed mailing labels, or mail merged letters, and post if required No Yes
Supply staff to operate the registration desk at your event if required No Yes
GST compliant invoices Maybe Yes

Thought about setting up online registrations yourself? You might want to consider the following;

  • Do you have your own web based merchant facility to accept credit card payments online? Arranging this with a bank and integrating it with your website can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.
  • If you plan to accept payments manually, estimate the time it will take to manually process each payment, bank cheques, match direct deposits with registrations to ensure you know which person has paid for what, follow up unsuccessful credit card transactions and bounced cheques. Online registrations paid by credit card means that “Registration = Payment” 100% of the time. No messy “registered but payment not received” people to follow up.
  • Staffing. Have your staff done registrations before? Getting name labels printed correctly, delegate lists comprehensive and payments and refunds to be 100% accurate takes time and experience. Fixing mistakes also takes time and can mean a negative experience for your attendees. Have you budgeted for these extra hours? 

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