Better Festival Report

Our Better Festival Report provides an independent expert review and set of recommendations to continue to improve on your festival outcomes.

Our years of experience in a wide variety of large public festivals and events can bring a unique view into the customer experience and behind the scenes operation to identify issues and make recommendations to improve in key events areas including:

  • Clarifying event objectives
  • Health and Safety
  • Stock and cash control systems
  • Responsible service of alcohol
  • Food safety management
  • Customer experience
  • Staff management systems
  • Website content, structure and functionality
  • Ticket handling purchasing through to event access
  • Patron flow
  • Risk management
  • Key person exposures and succession planning
  • Overall event financial planning and management
  • Event measurement, reporting and feedback
  • Post event review
  • Direction for future events
  • Accreditation

The Better Festival Report is a review of the approaches, systems and operations which underpin the successful operation of your festival.

We look into your current methods of operation in the lead up to, planning and management of your event and how it comes together on the day. We make real, usable, cost effective recommendations, which will help you achieve Better Festival outcomes.

We bring an attention to detail combined with an understanding of the big picture, your specific commercial realities, patron, sponsor and stakeholder sensitivities and community constraints.

This review does not look into the entertainment programming and performance content of your festival-that is your specialist area. We focus on improving the commercial and cultural impact of your event systems, so you can focus on your core areas of expertise.

We offer a holistic approach that recommends actions that will dovetail into existing operating systems and will be delivered in a way that will nurture and support your staff, subcontractors and stakeholders.

Flying Colours Events Better Festival Report provides an independent, informed review, with concrete, realistic and achievable recommendations for improvement.